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Apple iPad 2 now on sale in USA

The Second Coming of Apple's genre-defining iPad is now on sale in the USA through the online Apple Store, and will soon hit a raft of retail outlets.

The proddable PC will be available from Apple high-street outlets from 1pm today, California time - and in Best Buy, Walmart, Verizon, AT&T and other bricks-and-mortar outlets from 5pm.

Available in 18 variants, consisting of two colours (black or white), three storage sizes (16, 32 or 64GB), two connectivity options (Wi-Fi and 3G or 3G only) and two carriers (Verizon or AT&T), the iPad 2 ranges from $499 for the base 16GB 3G model up to $829 fo the 64GB top-of-the-line model with 3G connectivity.

Unfortunately, the damage to your credit card won't stop there as you'll have to buy one of Apple's brilliant Smart Covers at $39 for a plastic version or $69 for the leather one (black leather is the only way to go, in our opinion).

You'll also want to grab the $39 Digital AV adapter if you want to hook your new acquisition up to your HDMI-equipped big screen TV, the $29 camera connection kit if you want to use photos from your proper camera rather than the iPad's on-board snappers, a $29 iPad Dock to give your new toy somewhere to sit and charge on your desktop, an additional $29 charger for the office, and a $29 VGA adaptor to connect it to a monitor or non-HDMI TV.

You'll probably also want a $69 Apple Wireless Keyboard if you're intending to type anything longer than a short e-mail, and you'll need an HP wireless printer starting at $149.95 if you want to make full use of AirPrint.

That'll be $1,372.95 please. And you'll have to wait at least three days, probably five for delivery. Unless you're outside the US - in which case you'll have to wait another two weeks. Unless the iPad 2 sells really well in America, in which case Apple will delay UK EU shipments until the US has had its fill.