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Apple iPhone 5 engineering drawings leaked

Chinese web site IdealsChina has posted a number of images of what it says are engineering drawings of Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5.

The CAD renders appear to show a design that's almost identical to the current iPhone 4 apart from a slightly elongated screen and slimmer bezel, in line with rumours that Apple's next smart phone offering will feature a four-inch screen.

The site, which recently published pictures of what it said was a new glass front panel for the iPhone 5 also displaying a thinner bezel and larger screen area, says the drawings were leaked by a Chinese case manufacturer.

We're taking these images with a large fistful of salt for two reasons. Firstly, any accessory maker with an official agreement with Apple would be insane to risk losing the contract by leaking such drawings. Secondly, anyone with a couple of hours to waste and a copy of a decent CAD application could have created the images.