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Microsoft Criticises Amazon's EC2 Cloud Strategy

Microsoft has likened Amazon's EC2 cloud computing offering to a 'horseless carriage' while advocating its own Azure platform-as-a-service public cloud product.

Speaking during the Cloud Connect conference in Santa Clara, California, Microsoft's head of corporate strategy Rolf Harms, said that public not private clouds are the way forward for the industry in the future.

Harms said that a popular public cloud offering like Amazon's EC2 will not allow users to derive the full benefits of the cloud.

EC2 is a cloud based infrastructure-as-a-service offering that lets developers hire raw computing capabilities on the cloud in order to deploy and run their own applications. Developers can even port their existing apps on the platform or create new ones from any tool and move them to Amazon's cloud.

The Microsoft executive believes that users are not able to derive the same cost benefits that come with a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure.

“Apps should be designed specifically for the cloud. If you move your existing apps into the cloud, they don't take advantage of all the features the cloud offers. If you're just putting applications onto a virtual machine, you're just putting a horse's head on the front of a car,” Harms said during his keynote.