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Morrisons joins Nintendo 3DS price war

Northerners' favourite supermarket Morrisons has joined the Nintendo 3DS price war by discounting the glasses-free 3D handheld console from its original £230 to a very tasty £187.

Both Sainsbury's and Tesco have already thrown their cards onto the table with offers hovering around the £200 mark - a price very much in line with the vast majority of independent online retailers.

Tesco dropped a major clanger when it erroneously announced that it would be flogging the aqua blue version of the games machine for a bargain £157.60, a price which was rapidly withdrawn once news of the offer hit the Internet, and nearly exploded the supermarket's servers.

Now Morrisons is taking pre orders requiring just a £10 deposit to be stumped up front, with hardware available for collection on the gadget's March 25th release date.

You'll have until March 31st to pick it up, after which time it will be sold to someone else and your deposit will be refunded - so you have nothing to lose, even if Asda decides to start selling them off for a fiver as a loss-leader a week before launch.