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New Google Search Feature Filters Out Unwanted Sites

Google has rolled out a new feature in its search engine that allows users to block search results from websites they don't like.

In a blog post, Google search quality engineers Amay Champaneria and Beverly Yang explained that from now on, whenever users visit a website they don't like, they can come back to the search results page and click on the 'Block all results' link.

Users looking for something in particular are often redirected to a website that contains porn, offensive material or low quality content. “For times like these, you’ll start seeing a new option to block particular domains from your future search results.”

When a particular domain is blocked, it will cease to appear in users' search results, offering a more personalised web experience. Google will also let users view the list of websites blocked and manage them.

“In addition, while we’re not currently using the domains people block as a signal in ranking, we’ll look at the data and see whether it would be useful as we continue to evaluate and improve our search results in the future,” the company said.

The new feature will be initially rolled out in English for people using Chrome 9+, IE8+ and Firefox 3.5+. Google will be bringing the feature in new languages, regions and browsers soon.