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Samsung Reveals Corby II Smartphone

Samsung has unveiled the new Corby II handset (otherwise known as Genio II in the UK), one which is aimed at the lower end of the market and which inherits some of the features found on the Samsung Galaxy Mini.

The Genio II has a 3.14-inch QVGA touchscreen (bigger than the original) but no 3G; you get Wi-Fi but the two-megapixel camera doesn't come with flash; there's a microSD card reader but it can't read cards bigger than 16GB.

Samsung hasn't confirm that the phone's screen will be a capacitive one but what we already know is that it will come in a number of bright colours (yellow, white and pink).

As expected, Samsung will throw in its own Touchwiz User Interface (the operating system used is likely to be a proprietary one) and we're surprise to see Bluetooth 3.0 and a USB 2.0 ports listed amongst the phone specs.

At 102g, it is light enough to be inconspicuous and Samsung confirmed that it will be available from April onwards in European markets for around 165 Euros at launch or roughly £150 SIM Free.

As usual, new phones on the market always come with a premium for their novelty and features. The Genio II will face some tough competition from heavily discounted favourites like the Wildfire or the Sony Ericsson X8.