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Sony Wins Appeal Against PS3 Seizures

Consumer electronics giant Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 consoles seized by Dutch custom officials following an injunction filed by LG have been released after an emergency hearing in The Hague.

Thousands of PS3 gaming consoles were seized by custom officials in the Netherlands after LG filed an injunction as a part of its patent infringement lawsuit against Sony. LG alleges that Sony has illegitimately used its Blu-Ray technology in its gaming consoles.

Apart from the lawsuit from LG seeking to ban the company from shipping PS3 units to Europe, LG have demanded that Sony pay a fine for every PS3 ever sold. Having sold nearly 50 million units, the damages could run into hundreds of millions of pounds for Sony.

A Sony spokesperson in Tokyo told Reuters, “At a court hearing in the Hague yesterday local time, Sony's arguments were accepted and the seizure order was lifted. We understand that there will now be no problem re-starting imports of the PlayStation 3 to Europe.”

The Dutch courts ordered LG to return the seized PS3 consoles, and the Korean firm has also been ordered to pay fees of 130,000 Euro.

No-one has commented officially from LG, but the patent infringement lawsuit is by no means over in spite of this ruling.