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Three, T-Mobile Drop Price Of Old iPad To Under £100

Both T-Mobile and Three UK have dropped the price of the older version of the iPad to £99.99 and £99 respectively, as the last few stocks of iPad tablets are sold before the new model is released in the UK on Friday 25th of march..

T-Mobile's pricing is valid only for existing customers while new ones will have to pay a staggering £229. There's also a £25 monthly contract over a period of 24 months to be signed, which will give the user 1GB monthly and 1GB quiet time data allowance each month.

This however appears to be poor value for money compared to what Three offers. Their cheapest 24 months contract costs only £20 and offers a whopping 15GB monthly data allowance with a mere £99 upfront cost and the best thing is that you don't even need to be an existing customer to enjoy it.

With a total cost of ownership of £579, the cost of the contract itself is just over £6 per month (given that Apple sells the iPad 16GB 3G for £429) which is by far the cheapest price we've seen on the market.

The 32GB and 64GB version will cost £50 and £150 more respectively in terms of upfront cost. Three also offers a one month rolling contract option where you will have to for fork out between £529 and £699 for the iPad and then £15 per month for £10GB monthly data allowance.