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Three UK Ad Banned By Advertising Standards Agency

Mobile service provider Three has been asked by UK's advertising regulator to remove an ad in which the carrier claims that it offers the best network for smartphones.

The Advertising Standards Authority told Three to remove the ad after it found that the offending advertisement was suggesting that a YouGov study had taken place to rank Three as the best network for smartphones.

The Three advertisement stated that “Don’t just take our word for it. We’re rated No.1 network for mobile Internet speed and value by smartphone users.” It had also cited a report compiled by YouGov titled “Smartphone, mobile internet, experience report wave 4 (Sept 10)”.

The ASA found that the reference to the YouGov report was inappropriate as the report had not been made public.

The ASA concluded that the speeds cited by the company were not false but the wording used in the ad could be misleading.

“We considered the claims in the ad, ‘Better for smartphones’ and ‘… No.1 network for mobile internet speed and value …’, were likely to be understood by consumers to compare 3′s products and services with those of their competitors,” the watchdog said.

Three UK has been ordered not to release the advertisement in its current form.