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Windows Phone 7 'NoDo' update hit by delay

Microsoft has admitted that its first true update for the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, codenamed 'NoDo,' has hit a snag and won't be coming out until towards the end of this month.

Problems with the February update to Windows Phone 7, which was designed to prepare the update toolchain to ensure that NoDo would roll out successfully, but left Samsung-manufactured handsets unable to boot, mean that Microsoft is taking a more cautious approach with the new update.

According to Microsoft's general manager of customer experience engineering Eric Hautala, this delay won't impact 'Mango', the next major update which is thought to include integrated Twitter support, true multitasking, and an HTML5-compatible version of Internet Explorer.

"I believe it’s important that we learn all we can from the February update," claimed Hautala. "So I’ve decided to take some extra time to ensure the update process meets our standards, your standards, and the standards of our partners. As a result, our plan is to start delivering the copy-and-paste update in the latter half of March.

"This short pause should in no way impact the timing of future updates, including the one announced recently at Mobile World Congress featuring multitasking, a Twitter feature, and a new HTML 5-friendly version of Internet Explorer Mobile."

Let's hope that the delay gives Microsoft a chance to ensure that NoDo rolls out successfully to all its partners' handsets, rather than just a subset thereof.