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'Xooglers' Starting To Take Over Silicon Valley

Former Google employees or 'Xooglers' as they call themselves, can now be found running start-ups or venture capital firms across Silicon Valley.

A new Silicon Valley trend has emerged which sees ex-Googlers using the skills they honed while working at Google, and no doubt contacts too, to rise up the Silicon Valley hierarchy to open their own businesses or start investment firms.

As Mercury News notes, Google's employee selection process and its internal work culture, trains its employees to think big, find solutions to big problems and take the initiative.

“The Google network is far and way going to be the most powerful network and ecosystem. There is an ex-Googler now at pretty much every top-tier VC firm, so if you're a Xoogler with a startup, you can instantly get yourself a meeting at Greylock, at Sequoia, at Kleiner Perkins, at Andreessen Horowitz, at Khosla,” former Googler David Friedberg, CEO of WeatherBill told Mercury News.

"I know almost all the executives at Facebook, all of the management team at AOL - all of the vice presidents have some Google connection," Friedberg said.

WeatherBill, which recently received $42 million in funding from Khosla Ventures and Google Ventures, uses software to predict weather patterns and offer insurance to the agriculture industry.

"I've definitely noticed a rise in Xoogler entrepreneurial activity driven by the critical mass of Google alumni across the startup ecosystem - from founders, to investors and at potential acquirers," YouTube executive Hunter Walk added.