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House Of Lords To Replace 'Noisy' Laptops With Tablet Devices

The House of Lords has voted in favour of conducting a one year trial of 'electronic handheld devices' like the iPad and other tablets for use within its chambers.

UK lawmakers are considering whether tablet devices, such as the iPad, might be more suitable for accessing documents related to official business than laptops, which have been deemed to be too 'noisy'.

“The point about an iPad is that it is silent; there are no clicking noises. It is quite small and can be held easily in one hand,” Baroness Harris said in a statement to PC Pro. She added, however, that she would be making her notes in the old-fashioned way.

The tablet devices will only be used for accessing and reading documents and not for searching the web for information and the like.

The House of Lords clarified that its reference to the iPad was not due to any favoritism towards the iPhone maker. “I use the expression 'iPad' in the same way that one uses the expressions 'Hoover' or 'fridge',” Committee chairman Lord Brabazon said.

When asked about the possibility of netbooks being allowed within the chambers, Lord Brabazon said he wasn't really sure what a netbook was but added that it all came down to whether the device makes clicking noises.