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iPad 2 Teardown Reveals New Battery Form Factor

As usual, the guys from iFixit have managed to get their hands on an iPad 2 and promptly opened it up to see what has changed since last year; unfortunately, iFixit did not get the 3G version of the tablet, but only the 16GB Wi-Fi only model.

The first major difference, iFixit found out, is that the iPad 2 uses a lot of glue rather than relying, like the original iPad, on clips to hold the front panel of the tablet.

As expected, the new iPad 2 uses a much flatter battery than the previous version, while keeping roughly the same capacity which stands at 6930mAh according to iFixit.

The iPad 2 uses the same Broadcom Wi-Fi chip and touch controllers as found on the other current iOS mobile devices. iFixit also confirmed that the tablet uses 512MB RAM, twice that of the previous iPad.

Other notable features include a thinner glass which helped make the tablet slimmer but unfortunately could make it more fragile as well as the same front and rear cameras as used by the latest iPod Touch.

The presence of the glue was the main factor that influenced iFixit's decision to give a poor four out of 10 in terms of repairability despite the fact that the iPad 2 uses Philips screws and the LCD can be taken out easily for repairs.