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Jailbreak for Apple iOS 4.3 Released After One Day

Hackers have released a jailbreak for Apple's iOS 4.3 platform less than 24 hours after the iPhone maker released it for download.

According to the Daily iPhone Blog, developers have released an untethered jailbreak for Apple's new iOS 4.3 for iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, iPad, and Apple TV. Its not clear whether the jailbreak works for iPod Touch.

An untethered version means that users will not have to jailbreak their iDevices every time they turn it on or restart it.

The release indicates that hackers' ability to crack the latest Apple software is improving. It is not so surprising as iOS 4.3 beta released to developers was broken even before the iOS 4.2.1 was.

The jailbreak, which is in its alpha stage, was developed by Stefan Esser and the notorious iPhone Dev Team. Esser is a security expert with a background in Java, Python, Ruby and PHP development, Very Rite reveals.

Comex, Esser and Miller were all working on a iOS 4.3 firmware jailbreak but it seems that Esser was the first to emerge successful.

Jailbreak enthusiasts should know that the exploit is still in its alpha stage and should be avoided until a full version is released. Judging by the rate at which the alpha hack was released, a full version might be released sooner than everyone thinks.