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New LinkedIn Features Include Personalised News Service

Professional networking platform LinkedIn has rolled out a new service offering its more than 90 million customers user-targeted news aggregated from around the web.

LinkedIn Today is a personalised news service that will provide users with news articles based on the type of news content users are sharing with their LinkedIn contacts. The company hopes to utilise its user data to offer more precise and user-centred news than competitors like Google News and Yahoo News.

Commenting on the new service, Liz Walker, a senior product manager at LinkedIn said, “We show you who's sharing the story, and what conversation is going on around that story. For people who are short on time we think that this is a fantastic product.”

The service, which will also allow users to save news to read at a later time, will also be rolled-out for the LinkedIn app on Apple's iPhone platform.

The professional networking platform has also introduced other website features as it prepares for its first IPO offering. The new LinkedIn Maps feature will let users view a geographical representation of their LinkedIn contacts while LinkedIn Skills features will let users create pages dedicated solely to their skills.

The LinkedIn Signal tool will allow users to view a real-time stream of Twitter and other social networking platforms to see who is talking about what.