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Samsung seeks BMW designer to jazz up its goods

Samsung has declared its intentions to make its offerings significantly more stylish, trying to tempt ex-BMW designer Chris Bangle into joining its ranks.

According to coverage of the negotiations from local newspaper The Korean Herald, Samsung is looking to hire Bangle to advise it with regards the design of its consumer products - tapping into the mind that brought the world the 2001 BMW 7 series.

"Samsung has been trying to offer [Bangle] an advisory job, not an exclusive contract, for a long time," a Samsung spokesperson told the newspaper. "The [actual] position would be determined when we forge a deal."

The company faces stiff competition for Bangle's brain, however: the designer had previously been under a no-compete agreement with BMW which prevented rival car manufacturers from hiring him, but this agreement expired last month - and Bangle is now believed to be facing a torrent of offers for his expertise.

Samsung has been increasingly fighting for the style-conscious consumer's cash, releasing the premium Galaxy Tab Android-based tablet which was certainly stylish but incredibly overpriced at launch. With Apple leading in the style stakes, the company needs people like Bangle in order to offer real competition.