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Gmail Introduces Instant Dial Phone Number Links

Search engine giant Google has updated its Gmail service with the ability to dial numbers directly from emails with a single click using Google Voice intergration.

In a blog post, Google said that numbers will appear as links within emails and clicking on them will open the Google Voice dialler, allowing users to make calls directly from the email message.

“With the ability to call phones built right into Gmail, you no longer have to get out your phone and retype a number anytime someone sends you one in an email or chat message,” the company said in a statement.

“Click 'Call' and voilà! Of course, if you don’t already have the voice and video plugin installed, you’ll be prompted to do that first,” Google explained.

Google also said that a little green phone symbol will also appear beside phone numbers stored on the Gmail My Contacts list.

Google Voice was integrated with Gmail chat back in August 2010, allowing users to make VoIP calls to their Gmail contacts. At the time of the launch, Google allowed Gmail users to make domestic calls without charge, though international calls were paid for, they have decided to extend the offer through 2011. Providing that they make enough profit from the international calls, Google intends to keep the domestic calls free.