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Technological Advance Could Make Battery Charge Last Months

A team of engineers at the University of Illinois are working on technology that could allow mobile devices and laptops to run for months without requiring a charge.

According to The Telegraph, researchers have come up with a way to modify the manner in which data is stored on devices, leading to a huge increase in efficiency.

The memory device in a mobile phone contains thin metal wires that see electrical charges running through them each time data is accessed. This process uses a lot of power, causing the battery to drain in a matter of days.

Researchers believe that by reducing the size of the wires in a device's memory, it could run 100 times longer between charges, meaning that a mobile device would be able to run for months on a single charge.

The size of the metal wires would be reduced using carbon nanotubes, which are 10,000 times thinner than a single strand of human hair.

Professor Eric Pop, the researcher who led the project at the US university, said in a statement, “I think anyone who is dealing with a lot of chargers and plugging things in every night can relate to wanting a cell phone or laptop whose batteries can last for weeks or months.”