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Amazon Android Store gets Angry Birds exclusive

Amazon's Android app store, which is due to open its doors later this month, will be home to an exclusive Angry Birds game.

Amazon obviously hopes the annoyingly addictive bird-flinging series, which began life on the Apple iPhone, will send punters flocking to the iTunes-aping app store to buy Angry Birds Rio, making it the outlet's killer app.

No details of the deal between game maker Roxio and the Internet book-flogging giant have been revealed, but we'd be willing to bet Amazon had to stump up a pretty penny to wing the deal.

Android users will also be able to buy ad-free version of the original Angry Birds game and its manifold seasonal packages.

If you've been sharing a cell with Bradley Manning, Angry Birds is a daft game where you use a giant elastic-powered catapult to lob squawking birds at pigs' heads in military helmets hiding under piles of blocks, in order to kill them. Confused? You should be.

Roxio's Peter Vesterbacka has said some pretty unflattering things about Google's own Android Marketplace in the past, so the hook-up with Amazon, and a nice little back door onto the Android platform, seems like a pretty smart move.