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Angry Birds Maker Rovio Seals $42 Million Funding

Rovio, the studio behind the popular Angry Birds game, has managed to raise $42 million in a round of funding led by venture capitalist firm Accel Partners.

The company, riding on the success of Angry Birds, plans to expand the brand beyond the realms of mobile gaming. Rovio, founded back in 2003, aims to become the next Disney or Pixar.

Angry Birds, which made its debut on Apple's iPhone platform, expanded to other platforms including Android and iPad with plans for it to appear on Windows Phone 7 and Symbian soon. Angry Birds is already available on Sony's PlayStation 3 and PSP gaming consoles.

Angry Birds developer Peter "Mighty Eagle" Vesterbacka, told CNN Money during the SXSW conference, “We're going to expand the franchise in a lot if directions, so we're working on the movie side, broadcast, TV.”

The gaming studio, which has worked with EA on the mobile version of Need for Speed, also announced recently that Angry Birds will be coming soon to social networking platforms such as Facebook, making the game more social.

The Angry Birds franchise has also had success in the non-digital market, with Rovio selling 2 million Angry Birds toys. The company has even started to offer a line in Angry Birds clothing.