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Exclusive : Cisco Cius Launching In UK In Q2 2011

An anonymous source at Cisco told us that the Cius tablet will be launched in the UK in the second quarter of 2011 which officially starts in two weeks time.

The so-called mobile collaboration tablet is obviously aimed at the corporate enterprise market and is part of Cisco's overall Unified Communications Solutions.

This means that you won't be able to buy the Cius from high street retailers, which will make direct price comparisons difficult, if not downright impossible.

One of our interlocutors told us that Cisco will target the CIOs with the tablet, aiming to influence the top brass to adopt Cisco's tablet solution rather than anyone else.

The tablet itself, was announced in June 2010 at Cisco Live, which means that by the time it reaches the UK, it will already be obsolete.

Cisco has opted for an Intel-based solution with an Android 2.2 operating system with Cisco's own UI called Quad grafted on top. Indeed, it is the only Intel Froyo tablet we know of; it also comes with 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi, 32GB onboard storage, a 7-inch WSVGA capacitive screen, Bluetooth 3.0, 3G/4G, a microSD slot, micro USB, HDMI, a 5200mAH battery, a five megapixel rear camera and a VGA front facing camera.

Like the Motorola XOOM, the Cius comes with a media station which includes three USB ports, a GbE Port with PoE capabilities, a headset jack and a DisplayPort which will allow you to connect an additional monitor.

Désiré Athow

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