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First Reports Of iPad 2 Defects Surface

Several Apple customers who have purchased the newest iPad 2 device are reporting certain hardware issues that are not new to Apple products released in the recent past.

According to Engadget, several users have reported that the device's backlight is 'leaking', meaning that light from the device is 'bleeding' into the device's display from some parts of the LCD screens.

The defect is noticeable when users are watching a dark scene in a movie or when using an app that has a black background.

Another defect that has come to the notice of keen-eyed Apple users is the appearance of yellow tints or discoloration on some areas of the screen. A similar problem was reported by users of Apple's iPhone 4 but the blotches seemed to die out after a while, Mac Rumors reports.

At that time, users were told that Apple or its manufacturing partners were using a bonding agent called Organofunctional Silane Z-6011, which used to bond the layers of glass. The yellow discoloration was appearing because Apple was shipping the devices so quickly that the solution was unable to 'evaporate' before it reached customers.

Apple is yet to respond to the reports about apparent defects that have been popping up around the web.