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Intel acquires SySDSoft's mobile networking IP

Intel has reaffirmed its desire to bring its x86 expertise to the ARM-dominated world of smartphones with the acquisition of the 'majority' of assets from 4G software stack specialist SySDSoft.

The deal, which is the brainchild of spin-off Intel Mobile Communications, sees the Egypt-based SySDSoft selling most of its assets to Intel along with the transfer of around 100 electrical engineers and computer scientists from the company's ranks.

Prior to the acquisition, SySDSoft made a name for itself developing software networking stacks for next-generation mobile networks including Long Term Evolution, or LTE. All intellectual property related to this work is now thought to be in Intel's hands.

"The acquisition of engineering and design talent from an Egypt-based company in the field of cutting-edge wireless and communication technology is the first of its kind for Intel in the Middle East," claimed Arvind Sodhani, head of Intel's venture capital arm. "The acquisition shows Intel’s continued long-term strategic commitment to the region and its appreciation of its young, growing talent pool."

"Intel is making the necessary investments to further enhance its existing world-class wireless product portfolio and to offer the most reliable platforms to our customers that will work seamlessly across a range of global networks," echoed Hermann Eul, head of Intel Mobile Communications. "The acquisition supports this strategy and we believe that SySDSoft’s proven and experienced engineering team, combined with Intel Mobile Communications’ existing wireless strength, positions us well for continued growth in LTE."

The move, financial terms of which were not disclosed, indicates that Intel is serious about becoming a major player in the mobile industry with its low-power Atom processor line.

Whether it can truly offer a tempting alternative to the many chip makers that license designs from British technology giant ARM, however, remains to be seen.