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ISPs To Make Known Broadband Throttling Policies

UK ISPs are set to let their customers know exactly how they choke their broadband speeds in order to maintain the traffic on their networks.

The move is a part of a new code formulated by industry organisation the Broadband Stakeholder Group, which represents some of the UK's biggest internet service providers including BT, Virgin Media and Sky.

Critics of the code claim that by informing the customers about their traffic management policies, ISPs are looking to create a two-tier internet in which certain high-priced broadband packages allow faster access to websites.

The information made available to the general public will allow broadband customers to see exactly how and when their internet speeds are choked by ISPs in the name of traffic management. Users will also be able compare their current ISPs with other services available in the market.

Antony Walker, chief executive of the Broadband Stakeholder Group, said in a statement, “It will not only help to ensure consumers are better informed about the services they buy and use, but will also provide a clearer picture for policy makers of the way in which traffic management is actually used in the UK market.”

Joining BT, Virgin Media and Sky in revealing their traffic management policies are mobile phone operators O2, Three, TalkTalk and Vodafone.