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Leaked slide offers Nvidia GTX 590 glimpse

A slide leaked from an Nvidia partner presentation allegedly reveals more details of the company's upcoming GeForce GTX 590 dual-GPU graphics card, designed to counter AMD's recently-launched Radeon HD 6990.

While Nvidia is playing the launch close to its chest, a slide allegedly forming part of a classified presentation to hardware partners has been leaked onto the Internet courtesy of a member of the XtremeSystems Forums (opens in new tab).

The slide, entitled 'Barely Street Legal,' reveals a dual-slot centre-fan design similar to that of AMD's Radeon HD 6990, with the GPUs located either side of the intake fan. As an AMD spokesperson told us during the Radeon 6990 briefing, this allows each GPU to receive a blast of cold air to keep temperature down to a minimum.

The fan is protected by a cover which, the slide claims, can be removed for easy cleaning of the fan blades to maintain optimum performance. Removing the cover reveals the dual vapor chambers, below which is a 12-layer PCB containing the dual 512-core GPUs that power the card.

The slide claims that the Nvidia GTX 590 will ship with 3GB of GDDR5 memory, although it's not clear whether it means in total - which would mean it ships with 1GB less graphics memory than the rival AMD Radeon HD 6990 - or per GPU.

The final features of the slide indicate that the reference design includes a ten-phase GPU power supply design along with a custom bridge chip to offer each GPU its own internal PCI Express 16-lane connection.

Nvidia, for its part, has not confirmed the slide as genuine - but the design appears convincing, looking remarkably like AMD's 6990 reference boards. With a launch expected imminently, we likely won't have long to wait in order to see what Nvidia has up its sleeve. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.