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Microsoft Officially Launches Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has officially launched its web browser, Internet Explorer 9, in 40 languages at the SXSW interactive conference, ending speculations that the software giant might have plans for something grander.

IE9 has been Microsoft's most successful beta download, clocking a whopping 40 million downloads since it was launched and has been rolled out on one in every 50 Windows 7 computers worldwide; IE9 only works on Vista SP2 or WIndows 7.

The latest Microsoft browser was first introduced to the general public through a series of eight platform previews with the first issued one year ago. The latest, a release candidate, was launched just in February.

Microsoft says 250 amongst the biggest websites in the world have taken advantage of IE9 capabilities and overall, they account for more than one billion users globally.

One of the most talk through features of IE9 is its ability to take advantage of the graphics processing unit found in many modern desktop and mobile computers.

Both Nvidia and AMD which manufacture most of the GPU's on the market have highlighted the performance gains that IE9 users can extract from already installed graphics hardware at no cost.

In addition, IE9 supports HTML5, as well as introduces new functions like tracking protection for greater online privacy, pinned site buttons, the one box, which combines the search and URL bar and much more.