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Sony mulls PlayStation 3 price drop possibilities

Sony has dropped heavy hints that it's looking to drop the price of its PlayStation 3 console in the near future as it continues its struggle against growing levels of piracy on the platform.

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, summarised over on CVG, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ray Maguire confirmed that his company is hoping to reduce the price of the flagship console in the near future.

"[The] PS3 has taken longer than [the] PS2 to establish itself simply because of the cost of the product," Maguire opined during the interview. "It's been a real challenge to for us to get the costs down over the years. The retail price has been more than we would have liked, [but] hopefully the price might still come down," Maguire concluded.

While it's far from a firm promise of an impending price drop, it's clear that Sony is aware that its premium pricing structure could be putting some buyers off. With the PlayStation 3 packing more advanced hardware than the Xbox 360 from rival Microsoft - including an expensive Blu-ray drive - a drop in price would do wonders for the company's reach.

With Sony still fighting a losing battle against the homebrew community, which is developing third-party firmware that allows unofficial code to run on the console - including illegitimately downloaded copies of games - it could do with some good news.