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Traditional Console Games Are 'Dying' Rovio's Vesterbacka Says

Angry Birds developer Rovio has claimed that traditional console games are 'dying' with the rise of mobile phone gaming.

Speaking during a panel discussion at the South by South West interactive conference, Rovio's Peter 'Mighty Eagle' Vesterbacka, claimed that the market for traditional console games was 'dying' as users were moving towards mobile gaming.

He was obviously reacting to the remarks made by Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata during the Game Developers Conference that 99p games were 'disposable'. Vesterbacka said that gamers were tired of purchasing $30 console games.

The Mighty Eagle argued that mobile games could be updated faster than console games based on user demands and that mobile games keep developers 'nimble'.

He also lashed out at people labelling mobile games as 'casual games', claiming that hardcore gamers could also get addicted to mobile games just like console games.

Mobile gaming is certainly on the rise no matter what traditional console game makers claim and Angry Birds is a clear example of the phenomenon.

Rovio, which recently secured $42 million in funding, plans to expand Angry Birds beyond mobile gaming by bringing the game to social networking platforms, movies and merchandise. The game, which was first launched on Apple's iOS platform, has amassed more than 100 million downloads across various platforms.