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Twitter Moves To Restrict Third Party Developers

Micro-blogging platform Twitter has asked third party developers to refrain from developing apps that mimic the core functionality of the platform, in a bid to offer a more consistent experience to users.

According to a post made by Ryan Sarver, the head of platform and API at Twitter, on Twitter's mailing list, the company will provide 'primary mainstream' access to the platform via official apps while developers will be encouraged to offer apps that compliment the core functionality of the platform, not fragment or replicate it.

He explained that Twitter already offers official apps for the Mac, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry platforms but “Still, our user research shows that consumers continue to be confused by the different ways that a fractured landscape of third-party Twitter clients display tweets and let users interact with core Twitter functions.”

Sarver said that certain websites and client display tweets in a way which goes against the platform's design guidelines. “Similarly, a number of third-party consumer clients use their own versions of suggested users, trends, and other data streams, confusing users in our network even more,” he added.

Twitter wants third-party developers to offer apps that build on Twitter's API ecosystem and not replicate its own functionality. Developers can opt to create publisher tools, 'curation' tools that can be used by media companies, apps that offer real-time data signals, social CRM clients for enterprises and value-added content.