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White iPhone 4 Is Arriving In Spring

A top Apple executive has confirmed that the company will release the highly sought after white iPhone in Spring this year.

Responding to a question asked by a teenager on Twitter, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, Philip Schiller revealed that the white iPhone is under development and will be launched this spring, adding 'it is a beauty'.

People have been speculating and wondering about Apple's roadmap for releasing the elusive white version of the smartphone. Apple had earlier admitted that the device was being delayed because of certain manufacturing issues.

Schiller, who did not say exactly when the device will be released here in the UK, gave the confirmation while answering a question by a user on how to obtain a white iPhone. The Apple executive also failed to expand further on his revelation, to reveal whether he was talking about a white iPhone 4 or a white version of the rumoured iPhone 5, which Apple might launch this summer.

Apple's recently launched iPad 2 tablet PC, which has reportedly sold a million units in its first weekend after its launch, is being offered in a white version, which is making people wonder what manufacturing issues could be stopping Apple from releasing a white iPhone.