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Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 10,000 Apps At Top Speed

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has breached the 10,000 apps milestone faster than Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market.

According to Pocket Lint, the Marketplace now has 10,191 apps which works out to be a growth rate of just under 500 new apps every week, considering that Marketplace had 6,000 apps in the middle of January.

Microsoft's efforts to recruit developers have led to an addition of more than 1,262 apps in the Marketplace in just two weeks.

Thanks to the booming app-culture, Microsoft had to make less effort than Apple or Google to entice developers into building apps for its platform. However, Microsoft will have to work harder if it wants to give competition to Apple's iOS or Google's Android platform.

Pocket-Lint cited Windows Phone 7 Marketplace stats offered by Windows Phone App List, a website that allows users to discover new and existing apps on the platform.

The most popular apps on Windows Phone 7 Marketplace are games, garnering a 23 per cent share, followed by Tools with a 14 per cent share and entertainment apps that have a 12 per cent share. Mobile gaming is on the rise with Rovio's Angry Birds at its helm, but the popular iOS and Android game is yet to arrive on Windows Phone 7.