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Xbox Live Gamers Accumulate Over Four Billion Hours

Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming platform has amassed more than 4 billion hours of game play since its launch on the first generation Xbox gaming console in 2002.

According to figures released by Kotaku, Microsoft calculates that on average 20 million Xbox users log on to Live every day, with multiplayer gaming hours of four billion having been accumulated.

Microsoft also said that Xbox Live players have unlocked more than 6.3 billion achievements since the feature was launched in 2005. Achievements allow users to unlock items and other in-game features by achieving a certain level on Xbox Live.

Kotaku also reveals that an average user has a Gamerscore of 11,286 points on Xbox Live, with the total gamer points amounting to 176,802,201,383 as of March 2011.

Microsoft's popular multi-player online gaming platform has gained ground thanks to in-built multi-player capabilities that come with games like Call of Duty and Halo among others. Users desire to boast their in-game achievements and share it with their friends has also played a major role in making Xbox Live a leader in the online gaming market.

Microsoft's newest Xbox 360 offering, the controller free motion gaming peripheral Kinect has helped to boost the Xbox Live platform in a big way, bringing gesture controlling and Live avatars to the platform.