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YouTube outs first major made-for-Internet movie

YouTube has posted what it reckons is the first proper Hollywood movie made specifically for the Internet.

Girl Walks Into A Bar is apparently a sharp-witted comedy which brings together ten separate incidents in Los Angeles boozers, including the hiring of a hit woman and some naked ping-pong.

The full-length feature stars some well known (or at least familiar) faces from a long list of soaps and minor movies including Michelle Ryan from EastEnders, and at least one A-lister in the diminutive form of Danny DeVito.

Directed by Sebastian Gutierrez, whose previous credits include Snakes on a Plane and Gothika, the film is rumoured to have been made on a $1 million budget. It's sponsored by fancy Japanese car maker Lexus, adverts for which interrupt the episodic movie at regular intervals.

We haven't watched the whole thing (this stuff doesn't write itself, you know) but the snippets we've seen are pretty well acted, dialogue-heavy, and seem to have been shot in real-life bar locations - keeping the budget down, no doubt.

Definitely worth the $0.00 price of admission if you have an hour and 20 minutes to spare.