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70% Of SMBs Have Cloud IT Strategy, IBM Research Shows

New research has revealed that more and more small and medium businesses are planning to invest heavily in moving their IT infrastructures to the cloud.

The research, conducted by IT bellwether International Business Machines, found that 70 per cent of SMB's were either planning to or currently deploying cloud based IT infrastructures to improve their performance and cut unnecessary costs.

A new trend reported by IBM was that small and medium businesses were moving from cost control to growth when it came to cloud computing. The company said that 62 per cent of SMBs were planning to increase their IT budgets in the next year or so.

A similar survey conducted almost 18 months ago had shown that SMBs were inclining towards reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

The company told that cost reduction, improved system redundancy, better manageability of IT and remote access, were the leading benefits that SMBs were looking for from cloud computing.

IBM business partner Andy Rigby told, “We've seen a steady increase in interest from mid-sized companies that are looking for trusted technology partners that can address and eliminate many of the obstacles of widespread cloud computing adoption, such as security and availability concerns.”