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AMD plugs fusion of IE9 with its APUs

AMD reckons its Fusion APUs are just the thing to pair up with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, thanks to their nifty DX9 graphics capabilities.

While the firm would say that, we'll give it a fair hearing. The chip wannabe has spent long enough welding a CPU and GPU onto the same sliver of silicon that is deserves a bit of a plug.

According to a press release that just rattled inside our in-box, AMD's Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) "make browsing fast and more like a desktop application experience with exceptional speed of response, vivid graphics and outstanding animation quality."

John Taylor, director of Client Product and Software Marketing for AMD reckons: “Better applications, video playback, gaming and general Web page interactivity will define the next-generation web experience. Through combining our award-winning AMD Radeon graphics cards, or AMD Fusion APUs with DirectX11-capable graphics, with Internet Explorer 9 we’re helping users to unlock the full potential of their PC.”

The firm also managed to get an endorsement from Microsoft, whose Ryan Gavin, senior director of Internet Explorer, said: "Compared to the rich, dynamic, and fast experiences we get with native apps, the web today is relatively flat. That changes with Internet Explorer 9."

He reckons: "A fully hardware accelerated browser, taking advantage of Windows and the latest in PC hardware innovations such as the AMD Fusion Family of APUs and discrete HD graphics solutions, means the web as we know it is about to change. GPU-powered HTML5 in Internet Explorer 9 with AMD Fusion chip technology means web developers have the ability to create fast, immersive and increasingly beautiful web experiences.”

The public version of Internet Explorer 9 is available for download here.