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Apple files patent application for Beatles logo

Apple Inc (the Mac maker) has filed a patent application for logos once used by Apple Corps (the Beatles' holding company) in what could possibly be the last legal action between the two companies.

Apple and Apple have a long and well-documented history of acrimonious legal spats, most have which have resulted in Steve Jobs getting out his chequebook and signing over huge wodges of cash to the publishing outfit run by the once-Fab Four.

As we all know, the Beatles and Jobs' Mob are now best buddies with iTunes awash with music from the Liverpool beat combo, but the iconic Apple Corps logo, which features a Granny Smith apple in external and internal views, is seemingly the last piece of the puzzle.

The Beatles dragged Apple Inc through the courts several times, most notably when the iPod was released, and then when iTunes arrived, but it's not clear if Apple Corps will be briefing the men in grey suits to protect the fruity logo.

We suspect they might just let this one slide as iTunes is currently pumping more money into the last surviving, soon-to-be septuagenarian Beatles' coffers than they could possibly spend.

The application was unearthed by Patently Apple which has full details.