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Cisco Acquires Inlet Technologies In $95 Million Deal

Enterprise networking giant Cisco Systems has announced that it has completed the $95 million acquisition of Inlet Technologies.

Inlet, which is based in North Carolina and was founded in 2003, supplies digital media processing platforms that let content providers compress video files offered for streaming on mobile and desktop systems. Inlet also provides a system that allows advertisers insert ads in live web videos.

Inlet's compression technology helps customers to deliver video and other media content on any device or any internet protocol.

Cisco said that the company's technology will be integrated with its own Cisco Videoscape TV platform which allows content providers to offer digital TV and online content coupled with social media and communications applications.

The platform will use Inlet's technology to process the media content based on the bandwidth available for streaming.

The company said that most of Inlet's employees will be taken on by Cisco and will be integrated into Cisco’s service provider video technology group.

“Inlet brings to Cisco a strong team that understands the complexities of delivering ABR video over IP networks to any device. With the close of the acquisition, Inlet employees become part of Cisco's service provider video technology group,” the company said in a statement.