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Fifth Anniversary Of Twitter: Founder Tweets About Inception

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey celebrated the fifth anniversary of the micro-blogging platform by revealing how Twitter was started in a series of 140-character tweets.

Dorsey first tweeted on March 13th about how, on this day five years ago, he and his team began working on Twitter, with the first tweet sent 8 days later.

“The team was small: @Noah came up with the name & managed, @florian & I programmed, @Biz designed, all under the roof of Odeo & @Ev,” Dorsey wrote.

“I've been digging through all my drawings, emails, & notes from around that time. I'll share them over the next 2 weeks right here on #twtt,” Dorsey later tweeted.

Five years after its humble beginnings, the micro-blogging platform has grown to add 200 million users that send an average of 140 million tweets every day, with the company now worth an estimated $3.7 billion.

Dorsey also revealed the instant message that had implanted the idea of creating something like Twitter in his mind. He also posted images of the first user forms and terms and conditions pages. According to Dorsey, the first manual tweet sent on the platform was 'Inviting co-workers' which was followed by an automated tweet from Dorsey's account that read 'Just setting up my twttr'.