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Google Combats Counterfeit Goods Ads On AdWords

Google has introduced new measures to tackle the problem of advertisements selling fake goods from its AdWords platform.

In a post on its European Public Policy Blog (opens in new tab), the company said that it was aware that some businesses were using legitimate services to peddle counterfeit goods to unsuspecting customers.

Google said that it had closed around 50,000 AdWords accounts in 2010 that were attempting to advertise counterfeit goods on the platform.

The company said that it was introducing three new measures that will help Google and brand owners to weed out the offenders and counteract their unscrupulous operations.

As a part of its new efforts, Google will act on reliable counterfeit complaints on AdWords within 24 hours. Brand owners can flag counterfeit ads using the new complaints form launched by Google in 2009.

Google also vowed to improve its AdSense anti-counterfeit reviews, working more closely with brand owners to weed out brand name infringers. The company has also released a new help centre page that will provide AdWords users and brand owners will all the information they need for reporting counterfeit goods advertisements on the platform.

“These steps are our ways of facilitating co-operation with brand owners, which is absolutely essential in tackling the sale of counterfeits online. AdWords is just a conduit between advertisers and consumers and we can’t know whether any particular item out of the millions advertised is counterfeit or not,” Google said in a statement. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.