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Hewlett-Packard CEO Outlines Cloud-Centred Strategy

Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker has laid down the road-map for the company's new strategy, which puts greater emphasis on in-house software development and offering cloud-based products and services.

In his first media event after taking over the reigns of the world's largest computer maker, Apotheker highlighted the areas where HP's strengths lay and went on to detail the company's plans for expansion in the cloud.

Apotheker said that the company was developing a public cloud platform for businesses and will soon be launching a consumer app store. The app store is a part of HP's wider webOS strategy, under which HP plans to create an ecosystem of connected devices like printers, desktops, smartphones and tablet devices.

“We will grow an open marketplace that integrates with our services, a consumer app store, and an enterprise and applications services catalogue. We only vet the applications for security and interoperability to facilitate an environment that is trusted,” Apotheker said.

HP's cloud computing strategy is largely based on the $1.2 billion acquisition of smartphone maker Palm, which not only bought hardware technology but also the webOS software.

The company plans to offer smartphones and tablet devices under the HP-Palm brand based on a revamped version of the webOS smartphone operating system. Recently, the company had announced that from 2012 onwards, every Windows based HP computer will come loaded with webOS.