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New Angry Birds game to be released through Amazon

Popular mobile phone developer Rovio upcoming Angry Bird’s Rio game will be released exclusively on Amazon’s Appstore and not through the usual means of the Android Market.

Amazon has managed to grab the latest in the series of Angry Bird games for its own App Store, which in itself will be rival to the Google Market place app repository and opens up the Android platform to more opportunities.

Angry Birds Rio is the upcoming game from Rovio, where the characters travel to Rio to save their bird friends Blu and Jewel.

Twentieth Century Fox is also tying up with the game’s launch by producing an animated feature film, surrounding the Angry Bird characters in Rio where the studio has also had a hand to play in the game creation with Rovio.

The spin-off Rio game comes with 45 dedicated levels plus several hours of gameplay, with the regular amount of physics based demolition challenges as the original game.

Angry Birds will be available to purchase for the first time on the Android platform, with no ads running on the game and this also applies to the seasons and original version too.

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