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Photo reveals the inner workings of Apple's A5

While most technology pundits are content performing a teardown of Apple's new iPad 2 into its component parts, one site has gone a step further - peering into the inner workings of the A5 processor at its heart to see what makes the tablet tick.

The guys over at Chipworks have taken a shot of the inner workings of the nine-layer package that houses the ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore-based system-on-chip that provides the power for Apple's latest tablet, offering a glimpse into the never-before-seen heart of Apple's latest creation.

Built around a chip design by British technology giant ARM, combined with the PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics processor, the A5 chip builds on its predecessor by upgrading from the original's Cortex-A8 design to the Cortex-A9, and by adding a second processing core and additional cache memory - around 4.5Mb per core, up from the 5.4Mb total of the Apple A4.

As with the A4 chip, the Apple A5 processor is built on the company's behalf by ARM licensee Samsung - but Chipworks predicts that a move to Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC), could be underway thanks to Samsung's decision to compete with the iPad with its Galaxy Tab range of Android-powered devices.

While the image of the chip's internal workings, which can be seen in greater detail over on Chipworks' blog post, doesn't reveal much that wasn't already known about Apple's latest processor, it's still a fascinating glimpse into what the company has developed for its next-generation mobile devices.