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Private Cloud Causes Security Concerns Similar To Public

A new study has found that businesses opting for a private cloud, face security concerns similar to when deploying a public cloud infrastructure.

The survey, which was conducted on behalf of security software vendor AppSec, comes at a time when businesses are opting for private cloud based infrastructure over public clouds on the basis of having more security.

AppSec said that the survey interviewed 430 members of the Oracle Application Users Group about the the level of security on databases and risk management protocol.

The company said that 45 per cent of the respondents were not satisfied with the level of security offered by a private cloud and were hesitant in sharing sensitive information outside of their business units.

AppSec says that businesses are afraid to move into the cloud, be it public or private, owing to the lack of a comprehensive controlling system that lets them manage and secure the information made available in the cloud.

The survey also revealed that three out of four organisations had failed to deploy a security strategy or protocol for security on the cloud, Channel Insider reveals.

“They believe that because the data and applications stay within the bounds of the enterprise, there's a little bit more control. But the problem is then that there aren't enough controls within the enterprise to guard this data,” Joe McKendrick, lead analyst for Unisphere, the company which conducted the survey, said in a statement.