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Sony Ericsson To Launch Five More Android Handsets In 2011?

Other than the Xperia Play, Pro, Neo and arc, Sony is expected to launch five other handsets in North America and possibly across the rest of the world.

AndroidCommunity brought up this news earlier today and said that this rumour is based on a discussion it had with "a source quite familiar with the inner workings of Sony Ericsson".

There's no details regarding the exact launch date or whether different versions of the same phone for various network carriers will count as different handsets altogether (for e.g. CDMA vs GSM models).

Our hunch is that Sony Ericsson is waiting on the iPhone 5 to launch in June before launching an onslaught of new handsets as Apple is committed to an annual life cycle, which, to some extent is its Achilles' heel.

When the iPad 2 was launched, many manufacturers were caught off guard and many apparently had to postpone the launch of their tablets in order to review the specification, product placement and pricing as well.

The same could apply to the smartphone market where Apple is setting the tune; nothing much is likely to happen between Mobile World Congress (last February) and June.

Expect hell to be unleashed though from the second quarter of that month onwards with HTC, Sony Ericsson and others flooding the market with superphones.