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Sony Releases 'Very Strange' Xperia Play Trailer

Sony has released a bizarre new trailer for the upcoming Xperia Play smartphone device, which will start shipping by the end of this month.

The trailer is a follow-up to an earlier advertisement in which a Google Android robot is seen getting a pair of human thumbs manually attached to its droid hands.

This latest ad, which has many at a loss for words, explains how the Android robot got the thumbs in the first place. The trailer, titled 'The Donor' begins with a haggard looking man sitting in a dingy police station with his hands bandaged.

He tells the policeman that he was having a nice night out with some girls at the local bar, and how a 'crazy b****' he went home with stole his thumbs. The trailer (which can be viewed here) ends with another creepy image of the same Android robot walking around with human thumbs attached to his hands.

The device is expected to be launched in the UK on March 31st and in Spain the following day with a hefty price tag of €649 for the unlocked version, Engadget reports.

Sony is yet to announce an official launch date and pricing for the device but has said that the Xperia Play will be offered by every mobile phone service provider in the UK.