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Wipro Enters India's Growing Cloud Market

Wipro, India's third largest IT services provider, is planning to enter the emerging cloud computing market in the country by introducing its own public cloud offerings.

The company, which specialises in business process outsourcing and enterprise computer systems, plans to leverage its local presence and existing consumer base to offer cloud computing to domestic businesses.

According to Indian Express, the company predicts massive growth in this particular sector in the coming years that could become a major source of revenue from its Wipro Infotech division, which offers IT services in India, Africa and West Asia.

Wipro's cloud computing ambitions come as rival Tata Consultancy Services launched its own on-demand cloud based business services for domestic customers.

TCS's iON platform, targeted towards small and medium businesses, is a scalable cloud computing platform designed to offer on-demand cloud based IT services.

“iON will enhance India's global competitiveness by giving 35 million Indian SMBs access to world-class, simple-to-use and scalable technology tools. SMBs can use the power of iON to build their business advantage and compete on the global stage,” N. Chandrasekaran, chief executive officer and managing director of Tata Consultancy Services, said in a statement.

Wipro has a lot of ground to cover if it wants to capture the cloud computing market from TCS, which currently has 150 customers compared to Wipro's 25.