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XO Communications Launches Enterprise Cloud Security Platform

XO Communications has unveiled its own cloud based enterprise network security offering targeted towards mid-sized and large enterprises.

The XO Enterprise Cloud Security platform will allow businesses to quickly and cost effectively deploy cloud based security solutions on their entire network, the company said.

Businesses will be able to leverage the flexibility offered by the security-as-a-solution platform as it is hosted on off-premise equipment. The solution will also come with a centralised control panel that will let customers manage and monitor security on their entire network.

Mike Toplisek, chief marketing officer for XO Business Services at XO Communications, said in a statement, “XO Enterprise Cloud Security significantly expands our security services portfolio and represents the continuing expansion of our cloud-based services delivery strategy.”

“By offering network security as a service, mid-sized businesses and larger enterprises can simplify the management of their security requirements and leverage our expertise to provide a unified threat management solution across their enterprise,” he commented.

The service, which is targeted towards businesses with multiple operation centres, will offer an intrusion detection and prevention system, network-based firewall, an advanced web gateway for web and content filtering and remote access to the corporate network.