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T-Mobile to offer iPad for under £50

Mobile phone network T-Mobile has teamed up with discount website Groupon, all in order to offer the original32GB iPad for a cost of just £49.

All day Wednesday Groupon and T-Mobile will deliver a discount of £200 on the first Apple iPad tablet, to the first 1,000 customers signing up to a 24-month contract.

The iPad usually costs £249, on the T-Mobile £27 a month contract or £25 per month for existing T-Mobile customers.

T-Mobile’s accompanying tariff for the iPad comes with a 1GB data allowance, along with a second 1GB for use between midnight and 10am.

The mobile phone network has never actually retailed the 32GB version of the initial iPad, according to the T-Mobile website, where this is even more of an exceptional offer with the 32GB model costing £499 from the Apple store.

This is the first time any mobile phone network has teamed up with a discount website of this nature, where customers who take advantage of the offer are emailed a websales Groupon voucher code which is used when calling T-Mobile for the device to be discounted and dispatched.

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