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Amazon Adds Networking Features To Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon Web Services has updated its Virtual Private Cloud platform to bring a series of networking features that make it easier for enterprises to create and access data centers in the cloud.

AWS's VPC service initially allowed companies to link their existing data centers with Amazon's cloud computing resources on an encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, PC World reports.

The new networking update will allow VPC customers to build data centers that can be accessed in a number of ways to allow flexibility. Companies can choose to create a network for web servers that can be accessible from the internet, while all the critical databases and applications can run on a private network that is barred from internet access.

The internet side of the data centers is protected by a number of security measures that are offered by AWS including Network ACLs (Access Control List) and Security Groups that can be used to filter web traffic.

The company said that the updated VPC client comes with a set-up wizard that can be used to create virtual data centers using four pre-defined architectures which include a VPC with a single public subnet; with public and private subnets; with Internet and VPN access; or with just VPN access.

Amazon said that companies can also forego the wizard altogether and create their own customised VPC.