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Analysis Of iPad 2 : Apple A5 Has Cortex A9 Roots

After the original teardown carried out by iFixit, Chipworks delivered one of the first intimate analysis of the Apple A5 system on chip, the one that powers the iPad 2 and and will almost certainly be the core component of three other Apple products.

Chipworks took some close-up pictures of the chip and compared it to its predecessor, the Apple A4; the latter had 2.9 million logic gates, roughly 5.4Mb of cache while the A5 has 4.5Mb cache per core.

No details have been provided with regards to the number of logic gates that make up the A5, the manufacturing process, the die size or the relative importance of the dual core GPU in the system on chip.

They also found out that the 3G version of the tablet uses the same chipset as the Verizon iPhone 4 which was launched a few weeks ago, a logical decision given that Apple, as others, is aiming to keep costs and TTM to a minimum though economies of scale.

In an earlier article, Chipworks highlighted, after a detailed SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) analysis, the fact that at least for now Samsung seems to be the one fabbing the Apple A5 after rumours that the manufacturing process might move to TSMC in a near future.